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Sister Joan Felicia, IHM Pricipal St. Agnes School
"April 8, 2011

To: Kit Anstey Real Estate Team

Dear Friends,

The Saint Agnes Night at the Races proved to be a huge social and financial success this year and I would like to thank you for your generosity in making that happen. Under the leadership of Elizabeth DeRosa and Jen Reilly, we got together and had a great time! As you know an event like Night at the Races needs the support and hard work of many people. Your contribution of time, talent and teasure is greatly appreciated.

God love and bless you.

Sincerely and gratefully,
Sister Joan Felicia, IHM
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Phillip Silverstein M.D. to Dave Ashe re: Kit Anstey
"July 11, 2011

Dear Mr. Ashe,

I am an emergency department physician and have lived in the Delaware County Area County for 30 years. We recently moved to California because of a job transfer and needless to say, we needed to sell our house.
I've learned over the years that 10% of physicians are exceptional, 10% are terrible and most fall in the middle. It's no surprise that the same is true for real estate agents.

I am so impressed with Kit Anstey of the Prudential Fox & Roach company that I felt the need to express this in writing. My wife and I interviewed several agents, and although many of them seemed more than adequate, there was something about Kit Anstey that seemed special. We recognized immediately that he was not only knowledgeable, professional and experienced but that he was also warm and friendly. He not only met our every expectation but at every level of activity exceeded them. Whether advertising the house, staging it for show, hauling away junk, auctioning off furniture, Mr. Anstey was a phone call away.
He really blew our minds when small exterior touch up painting and landscaping was handled by his people free of charge. He made us feel like we were his only client.
After the sale, he even helped us with arrangements to transport our cars and personal belongings to California, getting us in touch with companies that gave us excellent service. We put our house up for sale in July of 2009 and sold it in December. We sold it for about 10% below our asking price, but considering the fact that it was a buyer's market, I think we did well. He truly acted on our behalf and I would recommend him highly to anyone in the Delaware County or Chester County areas.

Mr. Anstey is a credit to Prudential Fox & Roach real estate company, and an assit to our community. Feel free to use this letter in any way you desire.

Phillip Silverstein M.D.

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Lawrence F Flick, IV, Gerard Griesser, James Waters & Joan Docktor
"September 12, 2011

Dear Kit,

The results are in from The Wall Street Journal and Real Trends - congratulations on attaining your place among "The Thousand!". We're incredibly proud to see your team in this elite membership. It reflects your exceptional dedication and unstoppable determination to succeed. You are the ultimate professional in every facet of your business, and most of all in the way you help clients achieve their dreams of home ownership.

We are grateful for your amazing work and are truly fortunate that you are on our team. To us, you are more than one in a thousand. You are one in a million!

Again, Congratulations!
-Lawrence F. Flick, IV Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
-Gerard F. Greisser, President The Trident Group
-James J. Waters, Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration
-Joan Docktor, Executive Vice President of Sales. "
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Michael & Laura Donnelly

Once again thank you for all your help and outstanding service. I know that word gets tossed around a great deal, but in your case it truly applies, not only were you a better agent than our NY agent, our rental agent, our first NY agent and our CT agent, but other agents including Mike C., were quick to admit they did not measure up to you. We actually feel like we hit the lottery working with you and others like Chad Parnis, who happily used your team, often told us how lucky we were to get to interact with the captain of the team.

By the way a lot of the praise below is for your team, while I only know Barbara the thanks and our appreciation very much includes their efforts. As you can read below (and please let them see it) I really think a big part of the reason for our success was the team approach which gives us a team of experts and lets you concentrate on using your contacts in the field and leveraging your knowledge to get things done.

So a big thank you to everyone!
-Michael & Laura Donnelly July 27, 2011"
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Joe & Cass Longo
"June 21, 2011

Dear Kit,

At last...we're almost settled in, and starting to really enjoy our new home. It's been a smooth adjustment mostly because of you. We truly appreciate your expertise, help and generous heart. In complete honesty, we know that things would have been much more difficult and confusing had we not had you as our realtor. Again, many thanks for all your help.

Sincerely, Joe & Cass Longo

P.S. We know a couple people who are considering moving. We told them you are definately the 'go to man'. "
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Rich & Beth Muth
"Kit, thank you once again for your help with Christopher's Cure. You are the man that started this event & you are a star! Thank you for the hard work & donations. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. $40,000 has been sent to CHOP. Wow!!
Rich & Beth"
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Lawrence F. Flick, IV & Joan Docktor
"March 8, 2011

Dear Kit,

Congratulations on once again achieving your place in the the PREA 100! Only the best of the best can hope to attain this level of success, and to do so repeatedly is truly impressive.

The exemplary service you provide your clients is especially important in today's market. Your proven reputation for excellence is underscored with each extraordinary experience that you deliver. Every one of your transactions leads not only to a satisfied client but to a stronger community asw well, helping to sustain the American dream. For these reasons and so many others, we are more than proud of you. We are also deeply honored to have you partner with our company.

Kit, we hear from Mary Ann that you are busier than ever. Don't forget to take some time for yourself. Again, congratulations on all your success!

Warm Regards,
Lawrence F. Flick, IV Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Joan Docktor Executive Vice President of Sales"
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Marty West to Brian Nelson
"Thank you. I am so grateful for your many kindnesses during the selling of my grandmother's house. Your extraordinary list of professionals from carpenters to junk collectors turned an overwhelming chore into a manageable task. And your personal oversight permitted me to sleep well, knowing that if the blizzard materialized, I had a pair of hands in town to take care of the house! Thank you! - Marty West"
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Rich & Bev Hellmuth to Brian Nelson
"Special Thanks for all of your help with our move, especially those last few days before closing. If we ever move back in the area, you with be the first person that we call. Thanks again for everything.
- Rich & Bev Hellmuth"
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Sharon to Bobbie Surrick
"Dear Bobbie,

This comes with sincere gratitude for the kindness you have shown. I want you to know how much I appreciate you being so gracious and taking so much time helping Andrea search and purchase her new home. I was so relieved to know she had a very kind and knowledgable woman guiding her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-Sharon (Andrea's mother)"
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Sandy & Nick to Bobbie Surrick
"It may not have seemed like a big deal to you but it was to me. Thank you.

Thank you for being so patient with us on our house search. Nick & I are very blessed to have a great friend as our agent who is so dedicated.

-Sandy, Nick & Guinevere"
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Drs. Sandeep & Parul Kakaria to Kit Anstey
"The Kit Anstey Team was great. His approach for selling our home was high tech and personal at the same time. He advertised well and he routinely talked to us to make our house sell. There were 5 townhomes on our street for sale and ours stood out from the rest. "
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Eileen, Christopher & Doris to Brian Nelson
"Brian & Family,

Wishing you and yours all the wonderful pleasures that give life its fullness and meaning. For today, tomorrow and always.

Happy Thanksgiving

We are so grateful for everything that you have done for us. We are fortunate to have worked with you & get to know you.
-Eileen, Christopher & Doris"
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The Baers to Kit Anstey

Settling in and enjoying Memphis.
Thought you might enjoy the enclosed. You and the 'experience' are not mentioned directly because I am trying to forget about our water intrusion nightmare. (Yes, it still does wake me up at night). But you were the part of the story that we are most thankful for. Couldn't have done it without you!

Have a great holiday!
-The Baers
Chuck, Stephanie, Zach & Briella"
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Rick Parsons to Kit Anstey
"Dear Kit,

Well, I survived another move and now find that I actually have a moment to sit and reflect.

Kit, I have now purchased and/or sold 7 houses through you over the past 4 years. Through each of these experiences, my interactions with you have been pleasant-effective-efficient and very satisfying. Kit, you are clearly an extremely competent and caring professional. I personally can not tell you how gratifying it is to work with someone who is not only extremely competent...but manifests such a high standard of ethical practice. Your willingness to assist with all of the fine details-ranging from clean up...has made our move all that much less stressful. But I am sure others have pointed out the excellence of your service. What I wanted to do was take time not simply to formally state that Kit Anstey is an extremely competent professional Realtor...but, to make it clear that in addition, Kit Anstey is truly a good person.

I know that last comment could be read a number of ways...but I mean it. Kit, you gave ample evidence of your heartfelt concern for Ginny and I, and I saw how you extended that real sense of care to our neighbors, the Peca's, even when they were not one of your clients. Your attention to the kids (Mimi in particular) was clearly genuine and made them feel part of this major endeavor. Further your untiring availability and rapid response to each of my ridiculous concerns...went well beyond 'good business sense'...and landed clearly in the region of good person qualities.

I know you don't need or necessarily seek accolades or commendations - but I simply wanted to let you know that your work is appreciated...and more so...your style, your values and your person are truly valued.

Thanks - once again
Rick Parsons

PS: see you in 1?..2?..3...years????"
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John & Debra to Kit Anstey
"Hi Kit,

...We would all like to Thank You and your team for the excellent service assisting us in our relocation efforts. The professional caring service you provided really helped to minimize the stress associated with moving cross country! I hope all is well with you and your team!

Warmest Wishes,
John & Debra"
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Edward & Helen Sexton to Kit Anstey
"My wife & I are so grateful we chose you to sell our Townhouse. You are the 'Super Sales Person' of Real Estate. You are the kind of sales person that every seller or buyer should have. Honest, aggressive, conscientious, relentless with a dynamic personality.

Any real estate transactions in the future by either us or our friends, you sire, will be our number one choice. Again, we are grateful to you.

Thank you, Edward G. Sexton & Helen E. Sexton"
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Richard, Barb, Brad & Julia to Kit Anstey
"I've been meaning to write you a note much sooner but as you know, we've been busy.

We are so happy to be in our new home. It was well worth the wait. We love it so much! There's so much more room. WOW!

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance along the way, especially your patience! Somehow things always work out. I try to remind myself this all the time and they did work out for us, thanks to you! I'm having lots of fun decorating. We will have you over for a cook-out.

Thanks Again,
Most sincerely,
Richard, Barb, Brad & Julia"
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Bruce Hogan to Kit Anstey
"Thanks for the great service!

Bruce Hogan"
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Karen & Mark to Kit Anstey
"We had our first late dinner on the porch last night and the view of the moon and the water was beautiful! Thanks again for steering us in the right direction. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Again, Thanks!
Karen & Mark"
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Josh & Tara Peters, Sarah & Annie Peters, Matt Ward and Katy & Wayne Winther to Kit Anstey
"Thanks so much for all of your help. We really appreciate all of the care and consideration you gave us during this very difficult time. Thanks for making our complicated situation so much easier. All of your hard work did not go unnoticed.

Josh & Tara Peters, Sarah & Annie Peters, Matt Ward and Katy & Wayne Winther"
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Gillian & Craig to Kit Anstey
"Muchas Gracias! That's Spanish for if I were any more grateful, I'd give you my car.

Thanks! Gillian & Craig"
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Jill Winkley to Kit Anstey
"I just wanted to say thank you for all of your knowledge, help and support! It must be a challenge to help a buyer with no experience in house hunting! I really appreciate your patience. Thanks to you, the whole process was not scary or intimidating. It was fun & exciting! I can't wait to get moved in!! I will definately refer any friends or family when they decide to buy or sell. Thank you again!

Jill Winkley

P.S. Please say thank you to Barbara also. She was a great help! "
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Wendy & Matthew Sheldrick to Kit Anstey

Thanks so much for all your help. We really appreciate it. We love our house & feel really at home. "
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Paul Blane
"Hello Kit,

My name is Paul Blane. I wrote you an e mail several months describing how impressed I was with Cleo Elkinton well after working with her for a period of 3 plus months my appreciation for her has only grown. We were successful in our relocation endeavors in large part due to Cleo's work. She never failed to go above and beyond in any aspect of this transaction. Helping me line up everything from carpet replacement to removal of items I did not want. During the negotiation of the sale of this property of all the people involved Cleo was the one who kept the momentum moving in the right direction (the realtor on the sell side did not have control of her client so Cleo realy had to control both sides of the deal). Over the course of my adult life I have bought and sold several homes with mixed feelings about the process every time except for this last purchase. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Cleo worked tirelessly to he l! p my family not only find the right home and get the best deal but make the entire 2000 mile relocation go as smooth as possible. Should I have any future real estate transactions in the area I can assure you that they will be handled by Cleo Elkinton.

Kind Regards,
Paul Blane"
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Clayton E. Burke to Kit Anstey
"Dear Kit,

My wife and I remain in awe of you and the effort you put in to marketing our home in Glenmoore, EVEN BEFORE YOU HAD A LISTING FROM US. When the house went under contract less than two hours before the previous listing contract with Remax was to expire, we were embarrassed to have to call you since you had already invested in promotional materials and media advertising of our property in order to mot miss a weekend of activity. When you refused to be compensated for your expense, and did so very graciously, we concluded that you were the realtor we would choose for any future home sales or purchases in the Chester County area.

We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks us about who to select in buying or selling a home. Many, many thanks for all you were willing to do for us-even though the contract we both expected to expire did not before the house was sold.

With this letter comes our very best wishes and much gratitude.

Clayton E. Burke"
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